Locked Down: 4 Sophisticated Home Security Solutions of the Elite Class

For the super-wealthy and elite class, safety is a necessity, and for this reason, millions of dollars are collectively spent on high-tech next-level security systems and structures that can shield and keep them protected without cause for worry. Below are four sophisticated security measures that many multimillionaires are using to keep their homes and their families safe.

Safe Room

As seen in movies, many high-end homes and mansions have a safe room (or panic room) in an ultra-secure location within the residence. Sometimes these fortified rooms are built like a steel bunker while others are elaborately designed, comfortable and lush areas of the home. “It used to be we’d do a separate room; now we just take the entire bedroom, make that a safe room,” says Tom Gaffney, founder of Gaffco Ballistics. “In the high-end residential market, they don’t expect to see a Jodie Foster–style safe room,” he says. These types of spaces  are outfitted with bulletproof windows, air filtration to protect against gas attacks and ballistic fiberglass to secure doors against explosions, according to Town and Country Magazine.


While smartphone biometrics has become the norm, home security technology has taken it to the next level where pulse detection, iris scanning, and skin texture and composition technology are the only things that can grant one access to their homes and properties. This type of software empowers you to enter your home using only specific parts of your body, voice control or behavioral attributes.

Security Fog

For those looking to fortify certain areas of the interior of a home or a safe room, security fog (also known as security smoke) is a nonviolent measure used to thwart potential burglaries or home/business invasions. A quick release of fog envelops the space making it extremely difficult to see and creating a feeling of disorientation. Both a strobe light and loud alarm can further disorient the attacker who is likely to find the fastest route out.

Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (N.B.C) Fallout Shelter

For those who don’t necessarily want to incorporate a safe room inside of their homes, a fallout shelter elsewhere on the property is becoming increasingly popular. This sort of age-old, underground bomb shelter can protect inhabitants from chemical, nuclear and biological attacks. A bunker of this sort can go 20-feet underground and contain everything one might need if stranded there for several months.

The shelter also has additional levels of protection, including medical supplies, bullet, bomb-proof doors, bullet-proof suits and gas masks.

The price tag to install these home security measures can be as cutting edge as the technology itself, but it is worth it for the peace of mind.

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