Turn it Up: Two Hot New Speakers by Estelon and Backes & Müller

Turn it Up: Two Hot New Speakers by Estelon and Backes & Müller

Missing the live experience of a concert? Us too. It’s the feeling of being in the same room as one of your favorite bands or DJs; the way the sound moves through the room bringing everyone together on the same page; the speakers thumping out serious bass that, in the past, you couldn’t replicate at home.

Now you can. Estelon introduces their latest, sexiest speaker yet, the Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition, while Backes & Müller releases their massive BM 100 with FIRTEC™ technology.

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition

In 2019 the Estelon Forza hit the market winning multiple awards for not only the sleek design of a single cabinet crafted from a marble-based material but also for the innovative use and customization of Accuton’s latest drivers: two woofers, one mid-woofer, one midrange driver, and one tweeter. This 4-way design standing at 5.5 feet high assures unimaginable clear power allowing the technology to bring out even the smallest detail of sound. Estelon is now celebrating their 10th anniversary with an extremely exclusive luxurious edition: The Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition which has a limited production of a total of 10 pairs. Available for $169,000 a pair, these loudspeakers feature a combination of black and gold accents highlighting the original Forza’s elegant curves. The shape isn’t just extremely elegant and sleek but eliminates the reflective diffraction’s effects while the cabinet walls and interior chambers remove any vibration, so the audio signal stays crystal clear.

Each speaker weights 330 lbs. giving stability and support to the driver membranes. The two custom-made 11-inch woofers can produce a deep and precise bass. The 8-inch mid-woofer creates a fast upper bass while the ceramic midrange driver is light and allows mid-frequencies without distortion. And the cherry on top is the 1-inch diamond tweeter which is also found in the Bugatti Chiron’s dashboard capable of reproducing sounds up to 60 kHz.

Backes & Müller BM 100

The German company Backes & Müller has been focused on manufacturing speakers for over 40 years. The BM line 100 stands at 7.5 feet tall and there’s reason for this peculiar appearance. The sound resonates differently based on the room size and the speaker design influences the sound reproduction process. The FIRTEC™ technology that B&M uses, is able to separate the component’s signals. The sound waves combine themselves to an accurate sound which can be optimized to the surrounding room with the help of additional filters. A software-based digital signal processor (DSP) is implemented in the newly developed FPGA design (“Field Programmable Gate Array”) electronics, which mathematically calculates and corrects any distortion thousands of times per second. This allows close to zero loop errors and dead time for the middle-high-tone frequencies.

The large mid-range horn measures 7.5 feet high and has a front area spanning 5.7 feet. Bass jets frame the speaker creating a sound wall with over 32 ft.-long bass waves. Additionally, in the bass range, the DMC™ regulator allows it to reach the same playback characteristics of the upper frequency range. These speakers are available for $550,000.

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