Debuting in 2027: Bentley Residences Miami

Bentley Residences Miami, the brainchild of real estate mogul Gil Dezer, is set to open its doors in early 2027. This collaboration between his company and Bentley is one for the books.

Every residence in this luxury tower boasts unprecedented design, constructed entirely with sustainable materials. Envision expansive interiors graced with elegant wood finishes and handcrafted Italian furniture. Marble surfaces lavish the floors, counters, and tables. The state-of-the-art built-in kitchen seamlessly integrates into the walls, offering both functionality and aesthetic flexibility.

Each unit features an expansive outdoor living area, adding an extra 2,000 square feet of luxury. The terraces come equipped with an outdoor shower, a comprehensive outdoor kitchen, and a private infinity pool. Residents facing southeast enjoy unparalleled ocean views. The building’s diamond-shaped glass panels, meticulously angled, ensure optimal natural light without excessive brightness.

Bentley Residences Miami guarantees proximity to the beach, blending luxury with the tranquility of the seaside.

Exclusive Amenities

Every residence comes with three or four in-level parking spaces. That brings us to the main event- the thing you’ve certainly seen if you haven’t seen Bentley Residences- the Dezervator. Put simply, the Dezervator is an elevator that transports you and four of your cars directly into your living room.

Bentley Residences Miami embodies the Bentley identity in every aspect. The iconic Bentley knurling is a tactile experience on every surface. Residents will enjoy exclusive amenities like a private cinema, a VR game room, a wellness center, and a spa. Unlike other luxury residences, Bentley offers private dining experiences with nightly meals prepared by celebrity chef Todd English, and access to an exclusive Macallan Whisky Bar.

From its prime location and bespoke interiors to the thoughtfully curated amenities, Bentley Residences Miami is designed to offer an unparalleled sense of belonging and luxury.

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