Brooklyn Living: Front & York Condo Complex Debuts in DUMBO NYC

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Known for its walkability, upscale lifestyle and distinct urban flair, Brooklyn has, in recent decades, become one of the most desirable neighborhoods for young professionals to live and work in New York City. This iconic borough is home to lush outdoor spaces, quaint and quirky coffee shops, and of course, the dazzling, world-famous Brooklyn Bridge. However, for many Brooklynites, one of the biggest perks of settling here is that they can enjoy the excitement and pizazz of living in America’s largest city, without sacrificing the close-knit, neighborly feeling of a suburban area. Blending a communal lifestyle and an inner-city vibe, Brooklyn is the perfect place to purchase a luxury condo with all the latest amenities, and high-end condo complex Front & York at 85 Jay Street has already begun setting trends in Brooklyn real estate.

Courtesy of Colin Miller

Courtesy of Colin Miller

Never Leave Home

Built on top of an old vacant parking lot in the heart of Brooklyn’s DUMBO (“Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”) neighborhood, Front & York is like an entire town built within a singular condo complex. Nearly every amenity imaginable can be found here—cafes, chef kitchens, terraces, grilling space, billiard rooms and more. The building even has a sprawling right in its center, where residents can walk their dog, bask in the sunshine, or host a get together with family and friends. This ingeniously designed condo space, which is the vision of Morris Adjmi Architects, takes inspiration from all the wonderful aspects of living in Brooklyn, offering community, nature, and world-class accommodations in the heart of America’s busiest metropolis.

Courtesy of Colin Miller

With its sleek interiors, elegant eateries, and vibrant outdoor spaces, Front & York is so gorgeous, so well-equipped, that it’s hard to imagine ever needing to leave home. The building uses its 150,000 square feet economically, providing bright and spacious apartments as well as tons of common spaces for entertaining and relaxing. If, for examples, residents want to host a small gathering with their friends, they can shoot pool in the billiard room and bar or organize a barbecue on the terrace, with its state-of-the-art grilling equipment. On colder nights, they can also gather some blankets and smores and huddle up in the outdoor fireplace lounge, which is a cozy, intimate setting for memorable conversations with friends. The condo community also houses a wine room, a chef’s kitchen, an outdoor movie theatre, and a coworking space for those who like to brainstorm professional solutions in groups. Whatever one might think of, Front & York has it, making it one of the most stylish and thoughtful condominium complexes in the area.

Elegant Interiors and Skyline Views

Full of artful details, the apartment spaces of Front & York are a New York dream come true. Every unit has oversized windows that flood the living space with sunlight during the daytime, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Depending on where the apartment is situated inside the building, residents will be treated to unique, panoramic views of either the New York skyline, the Manhattan bridge or DUMBO’s bustling cityscape. The interiors of each apartment are also designed for optimal accessibility and functionality, without compromising aesthetics. Clean lines, chevron-patterned flooring, spacious terraces, and stunning wood and marble detailing characterize each unit, creating living spaces that are both comfortable and photoshoot ready. For exercise enthusiasts, Front & York also comes equipped with a fully stocked gym facility, with a coffee bar, swimming pools, weights, bicycle machines, and a yoga sanctuary. Whether you are a fitness buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or a homebody, Front & York facilitates an optimal lifestyle, where all your daily needs can be taken care of in one space.

Courtesy of Colin Miller

Located in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge, right in the heart of America’s most storied neighborhoods, Front & York has reshuffled the deck and set new standards for what it means to build a self-sustaining and stunning condo community in a big city. Just a walk or a subway ride away from the city’s most iconic views and attractions, this unique living space situates residents in the heart of the world, carving out a little slice of home for them in the Big Apple.

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