Kevin Kaseff Celebrates Milestone: 100th TBM 960 Delivery

Daher's TBM 960 lands on a well-lit airstrip at night

Landing Daher’s TBM 960

Meet Kevin Kaseff, the fortunate recipient of the 100th TBM 960 delivery. Achieving 100 sales since its launch in April 2022 is a significant milestone for this personal aircraft. Kaseff, President of Titan Real Estate Investment Group, Inc., transitions from his simple piston-engine plane to join the global community of TBM aviators. He aims to leverage his new aircraft for business expansion.

“My home base is near Santa Maria on California’s Central Coast, which has very limited commercial airline service. Having a personal airplane is extremely valuable as I continue to develop my business,” Kaseff explained. “The TBM 960 offers the efficiency I need in terms of speed, range, and airport access. Plus its turboprop engine generates fewer carbon emissions than a jet.”

100th reccipient Kevin Kaseff posing with Daher's TBM 960

Kevin Kaseff posing with Daher’s TBM 960

He acquired his plane through Daher’s California-based partner, Avex, which services the Southwestern United States.

“We are particularly proud that the 100th TBM 960 has been delivered to a newcomer to the TBM community,” said Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division. “It confirms that this is the quintessential TBM, meeting the needs of entrepreneurs like Kevin Kaseff, who require a safe and efficient personal transportation tool.”

The prestigious cabin offers amenities like LED ambiance lighting, electronically-dimmable windows, and an advanced environmental control system from Enviro Systems Inc. for optimal cabin temperature and humidity control.

TBM 960 pilot HUD
Seats in the TBM 960

The TBM 960 prioritizes safety, comfort, and pilot control. Other cabin enhancements include ergonomically designed seats as well as USB-A and USB-C power plugs. It also has readily available inflight Wi-Fi.

Under the hood, this private plane is powered by the PT6e-66XT turboprop engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada, a custom design for this model. It features dual electric channels and a propeller electronic control system for superior performance. At recommended cruise settings of 308 knots, it achieves a fuel consumption of 57 gallons per hour, a 10% improvement over maximum cruise settings.

TBM 960

From advanced safety features to sophisticated inflight entertainment, the TBM 960 caters to a variety of needs and preferences.

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