Sustainable Luxury: Eco-Friendly Hotels Uniting Nature and Indulgence

Bawahe Reserve West Beach

Bawah Reserve West Beach – One of the top locations in our list of Eco-Friendly Hotels

In the modern-day traveler’s desires lies a call for adventure that fuels the soul but also pays homage to the mother we all have in common: Mother Nature. In order to keep exploring the world an option for years to come, it’s essential to participate in traveling as a guardian of this planet’s splendors. Enter eco-friendly hotels – the ideal way of traveling amongst the grandeur that this world has to offer while remaining conscious of the delicate nature that originally birthed these experiences for us. Taking the natural sanctuaries of the world and enhancing them without sacrificing the earth at their heart, eco-friendly hotels are the present and future of travel.Here, we dive into sustainable and luxurious eco-friendly hotels experiences that will have you basking in the glory of nature with your conscience intact, knowing that you are connecting with the world around you in new and profound ways.

The Top Eco-Friendly Hotels

SUJÁN | Rajasthan, India

Safari in Rajasthan, India

Safari in Rajasthan, India

In the realm of lavish hospitality, SUJÁN emerges as a prime example of conservation carefully woven into an experience of indulgence. The brainchild of the visionary Jaisal and Anjali Singh of Delhi, this family runs India’s leading conversation tourism hotel brand and, as such, sets the bar high for authentic luxury in the country of India.

The SUJÁN name encompasses three properties: SUJÁN JAWAI, SUJÁN Sher Bagh, and SUJÁN The Serai. Each property offers a luxurious experience that intertwines environmental consciousness, aiming to provide a memorable vacation while protecting the Indian wilderness that holds a special place in the Singh family’s hearts.

Suján Jawai

Suján Sher Bagh

Suján The Serai, Jaisalmer

The SUJÁN camps act as the ideal home base for exploring the great outdoors of the Rajasthan wilderness. Whether you choose SUJÁN Sher Bagh, nestled near India’s celebrated tiger reserve, SUJÁN The Serai, surrounded by indigenous desert lands, or SUJÁN JAWAI, with its billion-year-old granite rock formations, you can live in luxury while coexisting with nature.
Guests who have the pleasure of experiencing the tranquil havens of SUJÁN bear first-hand witness to the incredible effect that this brand has had on the local communities. Boasting 13 adopted schools and an extensive mobile healthcare service, SUJÁN provides great aid to over 20,000 people across six villages.

In addition to helping the people in the area, SUJÁN’s conservation endeavors also extend to protecting wilderness and farmland through their foundation. With the help of local NGOs and the Forest Department, The Singhs have led the cause of cracking down on illegal poaching, thus creating security for the tigers and other majestic wildlife that travelers come from all over the world to catch a glimpse of. Thanks to these efforts, the tiger population in the area has nearly doubled over the last 10 years. This is just a piece of the Singhs’ conservation legacy that spans over 50 years.

La Fantaisie | Paris, France

When you think of the iconic metropolitan city of Paris, France, eco-friendliness may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, the new boutique hotel La Fantaisie about to change that perception.

Sitting in the Faubourg-Montemarte area, at the heart of Paris’ famous 9th arrondissement, La Fantasie is poised to enchant its visitors with its opulence that calls to both the local connoisseur and the worldly traveler.

This sanctuary is an homage to the legendary garden masters Jacques and Jean Cadet, whose horticultural skills adorned the courts of the 16th century. Fast forward to 2023, and famed Swedish designer Martin Brudnizki has stepped in to design 63 rooms and 10 suites that will tuck guests away in a peaceful cocoon – a far cry from the hustle and bustle that sits on the other side of the hotel’s front doors. Nature served as Brudnizki’s muse, evidenced by the decor that sweeps across the entire property and leaving anyone feeling like they’re in Mother Nature’s dreamscape.

The pièce de résistance is the Golden Poppy, the hotel’s flagship restaurant, where gastronomy and nature mix to create a menu that marks Chef Dominique Crenn’s culinary alchemy. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Chef Crenn is the first and only chef in the United States to be awarded three Michelin stars. And she brings that to her culinary vision at La Fantaisie, where she features local and sustainable produce, along with a zero-plastic and zero-waste philosophy.

As one of the eco-friendly hotels, this one also offers an urban spa sanctuary where ancient healing rituals are interwoven with the rejuvenating effects of underground springs. Here, you’ll experience a holistic and tranquil escape from the urban landscape outside.

Bawah Reserve | Anambus Archipelago, Indonesia

Nestled within six untouched islands in the Anambus Archipelago, Indonesia, Bawah Reserve is a refuge that offers a rare convergence of luxury and sustainability. This stunning haven of turquoise lagoons and coral reefs calls to the discerning traveler seeking a more private experience with the wonders of nature.

Here, the outdoor adventurer thrives in all this previously uninhabited marine conversation area offers. And if relaxing in paradise is more up your alley, this tranquil retreat also offers that path of travel. Bawah Reserve serves as a reminder that luxury and nature can coexist beautifully.

Serving as the epitome of eco-luxury, Bawah Reserve is a meticulously-curated, all-inclusive sanctuary that remains committed to nature. The resort’s mantra is “Earth First,” and you can see that philosophy exemplified throughout the area through a zero-waste program, extensive recycling, and a plastic-free environment.

However, Bawah Reserve’s ecological philosophies extend beyond the resort. Through a partnership with the Anambus Foundation, the two embark on a mission to share the practice of sustainability with local communities in the surrounding archipelago.

The example set by The Bawah Reserve and Anambus Foundation has helped bring to life a Recycling center in a nearby village that features a “low-tech” yet visionary design that turns the reuse of plastic into a valuable resource used in the making of concrete.

Jumby Bay Island | Caribbean

In the shimmering seas of the Caribbean sits Jumby Bay Island, a private retreat just 2 miles from mainland Antigua. Accessible only by boat, Jumby Bay Island is nothing short of a heavenly sanctuary where Mother Nature shows off her finest white beaches and coral reefs.

This resort is loved by many not only because of its pristine beauty but also because of its dedication to preservation. The sustainability program here is robust and continues to breathe life into this haven by safeguarding the delicate ecosystems that exist here and helping to conserve the indigenous species that call this place home.

White Sand Beach

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One such species that Jumby Bay works hard to protect is the endangered Hawksbill Turtle with the Jumby Bay Hawksbill Turtle Project. This is the longest-running privately-funded initiative of its kind, as this island’s beaches are a haven for this species of turtles. Guests are given the rare privilege between the months of June and November of joining researchers at night to participate in the conservation of these creatures as they lay their eggs.

On the island, Black-Headed Persian Sheep freely roam and graze along the untouched pastures that have been their home for over 400 years.

At the island’s center lies the Waterfowl Sanctuary, where guests can revel in an exquisite lineup of tropical birds, including the white egret, bananaquit, whistling duck, hummingbird, and blue pelican.

For the inner explorer, the resort offers expert-guided walks through lush gardens where rare birds like the osprey, white pelican, and blue crane can be spotted.

Recycling is also critical to this island, as it boasts a program that has established itself as the largest recycler of bottles, cans, and golf cart batteries in Antigua. On top of that, Jumby Bay reuses bi-products and purifies sewage water for irrigation.

Silent Resorts | Fiji

Following its groundbreaking solar-powered marina and residential resorts in Exuma, the Bahamas, Silent Resorts is finalizing the location for its next eco-luxury sanctuary in the paradise of Fiji.

Picture this: an indulgent escape amidst the lush jungle and white sand beaches. That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Fiji resort. Home to 28 Silent Estate Residences (each with four to six bedrooms), 14 two-bedroom Silent Marina Residences, and 10 two-bedroom Silent Beach Club Residences, these retreats are the perfect mix of luxurious design and groundbreaking solar technology.

Guests at this eco-resort will gain exclusive access to the brand’s fleet of solar-electric powered tenders, speedboats, and catamarans, which provides fun, unique, and sustainable ways to explore the seascapes of Fiji.

Here, Fiji’s first solar-powered Silent Marina will reside with its exclusively-electric fleet of boats. The marina will be perfectly complemented by a private Beach Club and wellness retreat to bring in all the relaxation you deserve.

created by dji camera

created by dji camera

Construction is set to commence by late 2023, with the Bahamas counterpart progressing swiftly, aiming to complete its first solar residences by the year’s end. Silent Resorts aims to have the Bahamas resort fully open by early 2024, followed closely by the opening of its sibling resort in Fiji.


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