Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

Bob Bondurant, an internationally recognized leader in advanced driver training, opened the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in 1968.

The Bondurant School – one of the largest driving schools in North America for over 44 years – features a 15-turn, 1.6 mile road course, an 8-acre asphalt pad for advanced training, and more than 200 race-prepared vehicles, sedans and open-wheel cars.

As the “Official Driving School of Chevrolet” the Bondurant School training vehicles include Corvette Grand Sports, Z06’s, ZR1’s, Camaro SS’s, Sonics, Tahoe’s and Formula Mazda’s. The Bondurant ‘Skid Car’, considered one of the most important training vehicles on the facility, simulates loss of control based on over-steer and under-steer. The instructor controls the spin inside of the vehicle while coaching the student in recovery and ultimate car control.


The Bondurant School exhibits their mission of providing ultimate driving education by offering an array of classes varying in skill set. The Bondurant Method provides students with very personal instruction. Every class at Bondurant adheres to a three-to-one student to instructor ratio. This allows the Bondurant instructors to closely monitor, teach and critique each student on a personal level.

For those just preparing to get behind the wheel-the school provides the New Teen Driving Course and the Advanced Teen Driving Course. These entry-level classes introduce proven techniques of maximum car control that could someday save lives. The students work through many exercises including skid control, accident avoidance, and cornering and braking techniques.

Drivers looking for a full-throttle experience in an American Dream Machine- look no further. The Z06 Experience Course will push the drivers limits as they maneuver through series of high performance driving exercises.


The Grand Prix Road Racing course is Bondurant’s most popular course. Earn SCCA license eligibility while living out a bucket list dream in an open-wheel Formula Mazda Racecar. In this course the student will spend the first 3 days in a Grand Sport, focusing on heal-toe downshifting, ABS braking, weight transfer, race-line theory and many other crucial racing techniques. This class offers the maximum track time as well as Formula Mazda experience.

Other courses offered by the school include Introduction to Racing, Advanced Road Racing, Advanced Formula Racing and the Camaro SS High Performance Driving Course. All of these classes include on-track driving and education in race techniques.


Bondurant SuperKart School, also located on the facility, offers two karting tracks with state-of-the-art equipment and training. Karting classes offer instruction and adrenaline packed action under the lights, every night of the week.

Bondurant SuperKarts most popular course, the Ultimate Shifter Kart Experience features 125 CC Shifter Karts, the fastest vehicle on our facility. The ShifterKarts reach 100 MPH in five seconds and they are only an inch off the ground. This is the ultimate experience for those seeking fun, friendly competition and thrill.

The Bondurant School also offers custom programs for corporate groups and organizations. The staff will cater to specific needs and interests, developing an event that will surely be the highlight of the year!

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