When developing new products, there is one common principle that all successful technology companies strive for: optimize user experience.

A total commitment to this principle yields high quality products, stimulates innovation and ensures customer satisfaction. Those that lose their focus do not survive. This single principle drives Chaval. It is why they use the highest quality materials in their designs. It is why they developed alphaHEAT™, the most advanced apparel heating technology in the world.

The antithesis of “optimize user experience” is “optimize user perception”, which unfortunately seems to be the path many large conglomerate brands choose to follow, continuously rotating colors, material finishes and marketing campaigns to push out what is basically the same product year after year. Efforts to innovate typically involve searching overseas for some new but cheap and ineffective material or technology and hyping it with a fresh name and marketing swag. The bottom line is that these perceived innovations don’t enhance your outdoors experience in any significant way.

Chaval is a genuine high-technology apparel company, founded by engineers and dedicated to creating life-impacting innovations that will truly enhance your outdoors experience. Their innovations are designed and built at our headquarters on Bainbridge Island near Seattle. They are tested doing what we love the most – climbing, mountaineering and skiing in the North Cascades. Mount Chaval represents the rugged elegance of our designs. Its stark beauty is surrounded by the world class, remote, alpine environment that our products are built to operate and excel in.

Chaval’s alphaHEAT™ technology can be adapted to almost any apparel product, so stay tuned for new product releases!

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