Wild Coast Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Thinking globally, eating locally. Offering fresh and organic farm-to-table dinners using recipes from around the world creatively crafted with locally grown ingredients.

They harvest a large portion of the salad greens and vegetables right from their own garden. Restaurant compost is also enjoyed by the two dozen chickens. Guests enjoy the farm fresh chicken eggs baked into desserts and other entrees.

Sushi Chef Sarah is from Pennsylvania and holds a double degree in Restaurant Management and Art & Design. “Making sushi had always been what I would consider to be my dream job… amazingly the opportunity arose in a restaurant in Stroudsburg, PA where I was lucky enough to apprentice with a very Traditional Japanese Sushi Chef – here I found my passion and learned the craft. In 2013, I headed to California for a friend’s wedding. During that magical trip I found myself eating sushi in the middle of what seemed like nowhere at Treebones in Big Sur! When I arrived at Treebones I was in awe. I sat eating their sushi on the deck overlooking the ocean, dreaming of the day I could live and work in a place like this. Moments later I was introduced to Michael, one of the owners sons. Did he really just say “We are advertising for a new Sushi Chef? Did I hear that right?…Hi! My name is Sarah. I make sushi. I said with a smile. Three weeks later I drove across the country with as much of my life as I could fit in my car, ready to start a new chapter. Watching the sunset over the ocean as I make delicious, edible art, blending sushi with garden, is a dream come true. I feel so blessed to be here. I am so grateful for this life”.

Chef Sam Bans was born in Fiji Island spending his growing years in Fiji, New Zealand and California. International travel as a Fashion and Commercial photographer awakened his palate to the global delight of combining a variety of traditions and culture to his farm-to-table style. In 2001 Sam graduated from the California Culinary Academy progressively managing kitchens in New York, Florida, the Bay area, Napa and Santa Barbara. “My passion for food was inspired by my mother’s love for cooking and my love for eating! Mom’s secret: Always cook from your Heart and Soul and Always be Happy while cooking”. Treebones provides a unique opportunity to use a huge variety of edibles hand harvested from our coastal organic garden. My greatest satisfaction from the culinary arts comes from the reciprocity of sharing great food. When our guests tell me that they enjoyed the best meal of their vacation here with us it brings a smile to my soul.

Wild Coast Restaurant

Lunch Daily 12-2pm
Cozy lodge “Wild Coast” Restaurant 6-8:30 pm
Dinner Reservations 805.927.2390

Oceanview Sushi Bar

Sushi bar 4:30-8pm
(Open every night except closed Tuesdays. Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Day & the months of January & February)

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