Miami Boat Show 2024: Showcasing the Future of Yachting

Earlier this week, the Miami International Boat Show rocked the yachting world with a series of spectacular debuts. Here are a few of Jetset Magazine’s favorite sneak peeks.

Volvo Penta

Legendary motor manufacture Volvo Penta returned to MIBS 2024 with one goal: expanding boating culture to general outdoor enthusiasts. Volvo Penta’s new engines have high-performance and high-comfort wave capabilities. Introducing their new promising slogan: Forward is the only way, and the forward drive propulsion system steals the show.

Jens Bering, VP of Marine sales, says, “We’re excited to invite both seasoned and new boating enthusiasts to visit us at the Miami Boat Show to experience ‘Forward is the Only Way’ and see how carefree adventure can be.”

The Volvo Penta’s MIBS 2024 appearance comes with a guarantee: You haven’t seen the last of their  dynamic engines.

Solaris 52 Open

This year, Solaris Power showed off three of their flagship models. The 52 Open, one of their best sellers, is a 12-person showstopper with a top speed of 41 mph. This new tourer comes fitted with credibly convenient touchscreen cockpit to customize every aspect of your travel, creating the perfect wake.

Solaris’ 52 Open runs on twin diesel Volvo Penta D8 IPS 800 engines. Its layout is customizable between three different layouts, each fitted for a different outdoor activity, be it diving or grilling. The interiors for this boat are designed by Roseo Design. The exterior is done by Brunello Acampora, a designer who specializes in group dynamics. This grand tourer has room for 12 guests.

Tiara EX 54

The Tiara EX 54 debuted at MIBS 2024. This is a rendition of the Tiara EX 60, carrying over a few important motifs. These include sliding glass windows, a big bow entertaining area, and a drop-down salon section. The glass module, which was on display, features a rear glass panel facing the hydraulic platform. This creates perfect, safe diving conditions.

There are three cabins: the main, the master, and the guest cabin. The guest cabin on the EX 54 has bunk beds instead of twin beds.

Pininfarina x Derecktor

Stealing the show at this year’s Miami International Boat Show was a collaboration announcement between Pininfarina and Derecktor. Pininfarina’s creative expertise and Derecktor’s manufacturing quality are a pairing guaranteed success. The US branch of Pininfarina of America aims to set a new paradigm for yacht interior and exterior design, combined with Derecktor’s legendary manufacturing.

This legendary collaboration between two brands is the second of its kind. Their last collaboration was 25 years ago. Back in 1999, Derecktor and Pininfarina created teh BUQUEBUS Catamaran, an ultra-high-speed vessel topping at 52 knots. At the time, it was the fastest passenger-only catamaran in the world.

“Pininfarina from now on will be able to offer its nautical exterior and interior design capabilities to prospective clients and build their yacht directly at the Dereckto facility as a one-stop shop,” Paolo Trevisan, SVP of Design for Pininfarina, stated.

Both of these brands are pushing 100 years old, and their combined experience will create a boating experience for the ages.

Azimut Magellano 30M

The Azimut Magellano 30M is a crossover coupe with an undeniable presence. The 30M is a contemporary twist on the Magellano 25M. It has two more cabins than its predecessor. Both vessels have twin engines that cap at about 24 knots.

Vincent De Cotiis, interior designer of both boats, designed everything to be half height so as not to distract from the majesty of the sea. Despite this, he succeeds in his goal of prioritizing comfort for the users. He uses irregular shapes and artistic fiberglass to create a rhythmic aesthetic. The short sofas separate the bar, living areas, and lunch area.

The Infinity Terrace creates an optical illusion that opens up the cockpit and creates a feeling of broad expanse. Further enhancing this feeling, the main deck offers a 270-degree view of the water. Upstairs, there’s a sky lounge for a full, uninterrupted 360-degree view.

Between the window interior art and hull design, the Magellano 30M offers an unparalleled experience inside and out.

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