Setting Sail for Luxury | Private Yacht Charters Offer a World of Extravagant Experiences

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Yacht pictured: BIG FISH – available to charter by Y.CO

There is simply no better way to experience sheer extravagance and absolute freedom than indulging in the world of luxury yachting.

Chartering a luxury superyacht is considered by many “in the know” to be the ultimate vacation experience, one which is sure to be highlighted by an extremely heightened level of style and comfort, and is clearly travel at its most opulent.

Available in a vast array of sizes, styles and functions, there is a luxury charter yacht to suit every need. With that said, selecting the proper yacht for your personal needs is an important decision. Certainly, the yacht needs to take you and your guests to your dream destinations while providing all the comforts you desire, but there is more to picking a superyacht than meets the eye. There are vast differences between vessels and what they have to offer, and understanding these differences is of paramount importance. Some cater to families wishing to spend quality time together, while others are better suited for an intimate and romantic retreat. If exploring uncharted waters is what you crave, then you will want a vessel with a shallow draft, while others are perfectly capable of handling an exhilarating expedition to Antarctica. The boundaries are vast, and your imagination is your guide.

One of the pleasures of being aboard a luxury superyacht is not only the fact that the ocean is your gorgeous backdrop, but also your playground! Whether you are exploring the sexy French Riviera, life. Prepare to enjoy the very best gourmet cuisine executed by a world-class chef. A selection of types of service will be yours to choose from, making each and every meal, snack or cocktail a hour memorable one. The possibilities are endless, and ingredients from around the globe can be sourced to provide the finest customtailored meals. Each charter yacht’s team is expertly trained in five-star service to ensure that each meal is catered to the highest possible standard. Whether sitting on the deck beneath a blanket of twinkling stars with champagne and canapés’ and surrounded by eight of your favorite friends for a five-course wine-paired epicurean extravaganza, or simply lazily enjoying brunch, topnotch cuisine is assured and every moment will certainly be planned to perfection.

When it’s time to retire to your quarters, you will certainly not be disappointed. The rooms are equivalent to those of any five-star hotel and then some. From Egyptian cotton sheets to flat screen televisions, to marble-lined bathrooms, your floating home will most certainly resemble a palace. Comfort is the name of the game and every intricate detail has been considered well ahead of your arrival.

A yacht charter broker should be an integral part of the overall process and ultimately, your “go-to” person. Their wealth of firsthand knowledge and connections with industry professionals will be of great assistance in planning your luxury charter vacation. Taking the time to carefully explore a selection of possibilities is prudent, as amenities vary from vessel to vessel. From entertainment options to massage, to hot tubs under the stars, to a helipad, the possibilities are endless and the potential pleasure, limitless.

Whether it is sipping champagne in the shade, reveling in the excitement of water sports, or simply soaking in the sun on your private deck, the world of superyacht charter is one of privilege and certainly an experience not to be missed.

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Doug Singer is an internationally published food and travel writer, an award-winning cookbook author, and a founding partner of Singer New York Real Estate. For editorial consideration please contact editor@jetsetmag(dot)com.

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