Two Passions Combined: High-Quality Wines and Antique Wooden Boats


If you are drawn to what is exceptional and unique, make your way to the newly opened Boatique winery which is situated in the famed Red Hills in the shadow of Mt. Konocti. Here you will find a rare combination of acclaimed wines, inviting ambience, and an awe-inspiring wooden boat collection.

The congenial owners of the winery, Robert and Madi Mount, brought together an exceptional team of professionals to help create this state-of-art winery which will impress the most seasoned visitor. Located at 2266 feet above sea level, among alpine and oak forests, you will find 47 acres of rolling vineyards. Here their grapes thrive in the rich volcanic and alluvial soils before being turned over to their highly-skilled wine maker.

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Boats on Display

1936 Ditchburn, 23.5 ft. Legacy
1938 Greavette Streamliner, 24 ft. Curvaceous
1947 Greavette Streamliner, 22 ft. Traveller
1947 Chris Craft Custom, 20 ft. Foxy Lady
1948 Western Fairliner Torpedo, 17 ft. Studebacker
1949 Ventnor Deluxe Runabout, 19 ft. La Fin
1955 Chris Craft Cobra, 21 ft. Touch of Glass
1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow, 19 ft. Quiver
1963 Wickets, 18 ft. Race Boat
1964 Amphicar, Model 770, 7 knots/hr in water and 70mph on land
1976 Serenella Venetian Water Taxi, 30 ft. Boatique
2011Van Dam, 30 ft. Madeleine-Custom designed by Van Dam Boats


Come see for yourself all that Boatique Winery has to offer! Madi and Robert, along with their knowledgeable staff, look forward to welcoming you.