Supersized Dealer: McLaren Scottsdale Becomes Largest Facility in US

McLaren Scottsdale, a division of Mike Ward Automotive Group, has officially opened the doors of a brand new 35,000-square-foot location with the distinction of being McLaren’s largest retail and service facility in the Americas. Adding to the reveal, the new state-of-the-art dealership will also offer a number of other highly sought-after supercar marques, some of which they unveiled in an extravagant invite-only event at their recent Grand Opening celebration.

Among the latest additions to the new Scottsdale dealership are a handful of ultra-rare and highly desirable hypercars. VIP guests of the kick-off event were given an up-close opportunity to see an impressive selection of the newly offered vehicles, beginning with the reveal of McLaren’s open-top Elva supercar. A variety of different paint schemes and MSO specifications of the stunning new model were on display throughout the showroom and service bays, along with a colorful selection of McLaren’s most exclusive vehicles like the Senna and 765LT. To the delight of many, an extremely elusive McLaren F1 was also proudly on display at the event.

California-based manufacturer Czinger and its ultra-cool Czinger 21C delivered the next highlight of the evening. The two-seater hypercar features a striking exterior and showcases futuristic technology aimed at truly unprecedented performance. Utilizing a patented additive manufacturing process with 3D printing technology to develop OEM components, the 21C marks a new era in automotive engineering. Kevin Czinger, company founder and CEO, was on hand to talk about the cutting-edge hypercar and provide guests with more information on what to expect from the US manufacturer.

Koenigsegg has also joined forces with McLaren Scottsdale, having announced its official dealership debut at Jetset Magazine’s very own private airplane hangar in early 2021 with the Scottsdale launch of the Gemera and Jesko Absolut. For the new McLaren dealership’s Grand Opening event, an extremely rare Koenigsegg CXXR Trevita was on-site, one of the most expensive new models ever sold by the brand. The legendary Trevita set the industry ablaze at launch, thanks in part to its one-of-a-kind diamond-weave carbon fiber body. The Trevita, which translates to “three whites” in the automaker’s native Swedish language, involved such a complex process to engineer that only two versions of the ground-breaking hypercar were ever completed. The opportunity to see one in person was truly a thrill for all in attendance.

John Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey Performance, was in attendance to unveil the stunning new Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution, also now available through the new dealership. The racetrack-ready hypercar features the automaker’s very own 6.6L twin-turbo ‘Fury’ V8 engine capable of producing a mind-bending 1,817 bhp. A fighter jet-style cockpit and yolk steering wheel deliver an unmatched driving experience for racing enthusiasts and aircraft aficionados alike. The All-American track-focused edition of the Venom F5 was just launched in January 2023, proving once again that McLaren Scottsdale is the premier source for high performance and exotic vehicles in the Southwest.

For the final reveal, Eric Rodriguez from Lotus Cars helped take the covers off the new Lotus Emira and delivered the announcement of the new Scottsdale dealership. Developed as the successor to the company’s Evora GT model, the Emira adds new technology and improved aerodynamics to the British brand’s flagship sports car, much of which takes inspiration from the all-electric Lotus Evija we wrote about previously.

McLaren Scottsdale continues to be at the forefront of the exotic car market, and with unforgettable events like this spectacular Grand Opening, it’s clear to see why it remains a leader in customer satisfaction, as well. Jetset Magazine has been a proud partner of McLaren Scottsdale for many years and we’re excited to see what the future holds for the new dealership. Visit their exquisite new location today at 7881 E. Gray Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 or online at

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